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Cole and his Riverdale co-stars attended yesterday WonderCon, where they did a couple of interviews, signing and a panel for the show. Photos of Cole at the convention have been added to our gallery, and bellow you’ll find some released interviews along with a recap from the panel! All candids belong to their owners, we do not take credit for them.


  • An upcoming episode will center on Jughead’s birthday party.
  • Cole spoke about respecting the different versions of Jughead and seeing how it fits in with this version of Jughead.
  • Cole was asked if Dylan would be up for a cameo on RIVERDALE as Souphead, to which he replied “It will take A LOT of convincing.”
  • Cole revealed that Jason’s killer is Jellybean.
  • When are we going to meet Jellybean? “She’s just a figment of my imagination, guys.” was Cole’s answer.
  • On KJ and Cole’s bromance, Cole said that “We’ve got to stop calling it a bromance. It’s just a romance.” He also revealed that KJ told him a secret  “He told me a secret about himself that was so punishing.”
  • The cast reflected on the recent retro-themed dream sequence. Cole said that it was “special” and that “putting on the costume was the best part.”
  • When the cast was asked if they had read any Archie comics before the show, Cole spoke about how he hadn’t read them but knew the names of the characters due to how big the comics are in culture.
  • During the panel it was revealed that Betty would be signing on an upcoming episode. When asked if he would be singing as well on the show, Cole quickly dismissed the idea. “I survived a Disney career without having to sing, there’s no way I’m doing it here.”
  • During the panel the cast was asked to guess their characters senior quotes. Jughead’s? “Hell is other people”, was Cole’s response.
  • When asked who he’d love to have play Jughead’s mom, Cole said “Eva Green”.
  • Betty or Veronica? Cole picks Betty!
  • When asked about what they’d like to see on season 2 of RIVERDALE, Cole wants Jughead to have a house, adopt Hot Dog, and continue sleuthing.

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