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Every week on Riverdale, we hope to get one step closer to finding out who murdered Jason Blossom. But before we get to the bottom of the small town’s biggest mystery, it seems we’re always thrown another twist or surprise. Plenty has happened so far during the suspenseful first season: we’ve watched Archie and his teacher Ms. Grundy fall into a very illegal relationship — only for her to eventually depart; witnessed Veronica fall into some family drama with her mother; and felt our hearts break for Jughead as he navigates school, friends, and a pretty terrible home life. There’s been plenty more happening in the supposedly quiet town of Riverdale, and we just simply can’t stop get enough of the CW show.

What’s also been great to see is just how much the cast totally loves hanging out with one another. KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse who play Archie and Jughead respectively are total bromance goals. There’s even speculation that Jughead and Betty are dating IRL. And they all have some pretty strong feelings about who actually killed Jason Blossom.

It’s always a little unclear exactly what will happen next on Riverdale, and we’re excited to see how the mystery gets wrapped up (and the possibility of zombies in the show’s second season). In the meantime, it looks like the show’s cast paid homage to another CW classic: Gossip Girl. Teen Vogue received some glamorous photos of the actors, giving their best Manhattanite eleganza. They’ve gone from Riverdale and straight to the Upper East Side. And most importantly, this most definitely makes Jughead the show’s Gossip Girl considering all his snooping and voiceovers, right?


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We have updated our photo gallery with a new portrait of Cole with his RIVERDALE co-star/BFF KJ Apa at SXSW, which was taken by photographer William Callan earlier this month.

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Cole is featured on the current issue of Hero Magazine! According to its official website, he talks about graduating NYC and escaping the trappings of being a kid star. The beautiful photos were taken by Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao.

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More news regarding Cole’s most recent photo session have been released, as it is featured on the February issue of L’UOMO VOGUE (already in stands) along with an article that the magazine has published on their website. A behind the scenes video has already been released, and you can watch it bellow. Additional outtakes have been added to our gallery.


From Disney camp to the reboot of Twin Peaks: Cole Sprouse, star, along with his twin brother Dylan, of the beloved teen saga “The suite life of Zack & Cody”, plays Jughead Jones in “Riverdale”, the CW series that Netflix is distributing worldwide (in Italy from January, 27th coinciding with the United States), in which the characters of the famous Archie Comics of the 1940’s are transplanted to the present day, where a film noir atmosphere imbues an iconic American small town. After the success of “Stranger things”, this could be the new series to glue us to the screen, analyzing obsessively, looking for nostalgic references and clues to decode. What is certain is that it will be difficult to recognize, in the oddball Jughead, the baby-faced blond kid, born in Arezzo (where his parents were teaching English) and raised in California, who lived in the candy-coated world of the Disney Channel for eight years.

But the sabbatical that the Sprouse brothers took since leaving the Los Angeles studios (we saw them also in “Big daddy” with Adam Sandler) to devote themselves to their studies at New York University (they both graduated with honors from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study: Cole in archeology – his grandfather was a geologist – and his twin in Game Design) turned them into men. The role of Jughead, the first that Cole has chosen to play after years away from the set, is that of Archie’s best friend, a guy portrayed in the original comic as asexual – a character type that had not yet appeared in the mainstream.

“There’s narratives within the show that are going to really resonate with a younger audience but also with families. I’m a believer that we should support various forms of representation because they clearly resonate with unheard groups of people, and for such a huge project like Riverdale this kind of representation is fundamentally important. In the beginning I really thought hard about that with the creators and authors of the show. The way this first seasons is shaping up is that this is not going to be a narrative that’s touched upon, which I don’t really mind you know: I think there’s really potential and room for that narrative in the future. I would love, love, love that representation to be more at the forefront”.

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A new photo session featuring Cole for L’UOMO VOGUE has been released, and our gallery has been updated with four outtakes! We’re not quite sure of which issue the editorial will be on, but will keep you informed.

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