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By Neide • March 02, 2017 • 0 Comments

Teen Vogue has just released an interview with Cole where he speaks about photography and instagram. Along with the interview, the publication also released a video. It cannot be embed but you can watch it by clicking on the photo bellow!

When Cole Sprouse isn’t busy solving the murder of Jason Blossom on the CW’s new hit show Riverdale, you’ll often find him on the other side of the camera, bringing static stories to life.

The actor, who made his return to TV in the form of Jughead Jones at the beginning of the year, took a break from acting when he was in college to pursue other interests, one of which was photography. “Maybe it was escapism, but I had become obsessed with going to remote locations and keeping myself behind the camera,” he says, noting that he thinks “that came from a personal place where I was very dissatisfied with the way my society was treating me.” What better remedy, then, than to take matters into your own hands and show people not just how you want to be seen but what you’re seeing, too?

Since then, Cole’s lens has captured everyone from his Riverdale costars to his friends and family, and he often shares his work on Instagram, where more than 3.4 million fans can interact with his work in real time. (That’s not counting his other accounts, @sprousemasterworks and @camera_duels, where he posts fan art and photos of people taking photos of him, respectively.) And while there are photos of Cole’s own shoots peppered throughout, the colors of his original work are often bright and eye-catching, drawing you to those pictures first.

Teen Vogue caught up with Cole to talk about his photography and how he approaches his craft shortly after he shot actress Hermione Corfield in Los Angeles. He notes that what’s more important to him than a commentary on his work is “the image itself. If people want to take to the image and see that and hear that, then that’s wonderful. Or just see it, and embrace it, and listen to it, and try to embrace what it’s telling the audience, I’d prefer that.” But how did he get to that sense of self as an artist? And how is he using his photography to bring a more inclusive worldview to his followers? The answer, it turns out, is on Instagram.

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A new interview clip was released yesterday by Access Hollywood, in which Cole and KJ Apa talk about the RIVERDALE Season 1, Episode 4. Cole defines it as “the launching platform that sort of sets the tone for all the characters from there afterwards”. Watch it below.

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Jessica Radloff, from Glamour Magazine, recently sat down with Cole on the set of RIVERDALE to talk about the show, the attention he gets for being a public figure, having a crush on Jennifer Anniston back on his FRIENDS days and more. Read the interview below.

Glamour: When your casting was first announced a year ago, the piece we wrote on you blew up. The same is true for everything you tweet. Do you ever get used to that kind of attention?

Cole Sprouse: I mean, it always seems surreal. I don’t know if adjustment ever really takes place. I think you have to be doing it for quite a long time to come to terms with what you’re viewed as and where you stand within your own society. I’m very thankful, but it’s a double-edged sword; there are things you gain and things you lose. I think as long as acting feels fulfilling and continues to feel fulfilling, it’s worth it to me. Being on set is the thing I love the most, and a lot of the things that come alongside acting and entertainment are the things I despise, to be quite honest. I think we all have different ways with coming to terms with celebrity, if you’re raised within it. Everyone goes through it differently, and there’s no one right answer. I think as long as it’s fun and fulfilling…

Glamour: I sat down with David Schwimmer last year and said to him, “Did you have a favorite episode of Friends?” and he said…

Sprouse: “The Holiday Armadillo?”

Glamour: Yes! How did you know?

Sprouse: Because that episode resonates with a lot…it’s a hilarious episode. That’s the one I remember most clearly. When you’re that [age] and you’re kind of acting, it’s not as lucid. I don’t remember it with as full a clarity as I did in the moment, but I remember feeling quite intimidated by the scale of the show itself as a small child. And when someone comes in an armadillo costume, you’re taken aback for a second. I didn’t really read a lot of the scripts or prepare for a lot of the scripts beforehand, because when you’re that old, you’re sort of given the lines immediately and then you go out there and you perform it. I remember I had the most massive crush on Jennifer Aniston. It rendered me speechless almost every scene I would do with her.

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The website Bustle has posted a new interview with Cole in which he talks about his return to acting, his desire for RIVERDALE to keep Jughead asexual, his Tumblr social experiment and more. Read the article below.

In the six-year interim between The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Riverdale, it seemed like Cole Sprouse had given up acting for good. After his Disney Channel show ended in 2011, he and his twin brother Dylan seemingly hung up their acting shoes and traded their extraordinary lives for those of ordinary college students. But after graduating from NYU in 2015, Cole Sprouse decided to return to acting on TV and tells Bustle why he made the big leap back to the small screen after so many years away.

“I had taken an intentional break away from acting, because I was going a little insane,” Sprouse says. “But then I graduated, I saw my education all the way through, and pilot season had come up.” That’s when Sprouse read the script for Riverdale, The CW’s re-imagination of the classic Archie comic series that currently airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Sprouse plays Jughead, who narrates the show and sets the rather dark tone of the murder mystery series. (He still eats burgers, though, don’t worry.)

“I read the pilot for Riverdale and really enjoyed it, so when I got the role I decided to fulfill my obligation and see where it would take me,” Sprouse says. “It seemed like the right project, because it was interesting and well-written. It was a new character that I haven’t tried before.”

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The mystery at the center of Riverdale still remains the murder of Jason Blossom. With the ongoings of the town getting increasingly complicated week by week, it’s easy to assume that anyone is suspicious in his killing.

With us narrowing down the most likely suspects each week, one character that hasn’t raised a major red flag has been Jughead Jones. The show’s narrator and comic relief may have more up his sleeve than viewers already know, but at this point in the season, it is likely that he wasn’t involved in Jason’s murder.

However, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on the show, seems to disagree.

“[Jughead is] the only one that speaks to the audience and break fourth wall.” Sprouse told “Which gives him the ability to inform the audience that he’s the killer without having to inform any of the cast living in Riverdale. Which ends up being a kind of dubious position to take.”

According to Sprouse, this suspicion he has held towards his character existed as soon as he signed on to the show, and was rooted in some of the series’ recent comics. “From the very beginning, I have thought Jughead was the killer. That was informed by a bunch of different things, and the narrative still rings true. Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa, executive producer of Riverdale] wrote Afterlife With Archie, in which Jughead was the antagonist. And in this dark version of the universe, as well, Jughead had a shifty, outsider perspective.”

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More news regarding Cole’s most recent photo session have been released, as it is featured on the February issue of L’UOMO VOGUE (already in stands) along with an article that the magazine has published on their website. A behind the scenes video has already been released, and you can watch it bellow. Additional outtakes have been added to our gallery.


From Disney camp to the reboot of Twin Peaks: Cole Sprouse, star, along with his twin brother Dylan, of the beloved teen saga “The suite life of Zack & Cody”, plays Jughead Jones in “Riverdale”, the CW series that Netflix is distributing worldwide (in Italy from January, 27th coinciding with the United States), in which the characters of the famous Archie Comics of the 1940’s are transplanted to the present day, where a film noir atmosphere imbues an iconic American small town. After the success of “Stranger things”, this could be the new series to glue us to the screen, analyzing obsessively, looking for nostalgic references and clues to decode. What is certain is that it will be difficult to recognize, in the oddball Jughead, the baby-faced blond kid, born in Arezzo (where his parents were teaching English) and raised in California, who lived in the candy-coated world of the Disney Channel for eight years.

But the sabbatical that the Sprouse brothers took since leaving the Los Angeles studios (we saw them also in “Big daddy” with Adam Sandler) to devote themselves to their studies at New York University (they both graduated with honors from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study: Cole in archeology – his grandfather was a geologist – and his twin in Game Design) turned them into men. The role of Jughead, the first that Cole has chosen to play after years away from the set, is that of Archie’s best friend, a guy portrayed in the original comic as asexual – a character type that had not yet appeared in the mainstream.

“There’s narratives within the show that are going to really resonate with a younger audience but also with families. I’m a believer that we should support various forms of representation because they clearly resonate with unheard groups of people, and for such a huge project like Riverdale this kind of representation is fundamentally important. In the beginning I really thought hard about that with the creators and authors of the show. The way this first seasons is shaping up is that this is not going to be a narrative that’s touched upon, which I don’t really mind you know: I think there’s really potential and room for that narrative in the future. I would love, love, love that representation to be more at the forefront”.

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