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The website Bustle has posted a new interview with Cole in which he talks about his return to acting, his desire for RIVERDALE to keep Jughead asexual, his Tumblr social experiment and more. Read the article below.

In the six-year interim between The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Riverdale, it seemed like Cole Sprouse had given up acting for good. After his Disney Channel show ended in 2011, he and his twin brother Dylan seemingly hung up their acting shoes and traded their extraordinary lives for those of ordinary college students. But after graduating from NYU in 2015, Cole Sprouse decided to return to acting on TV and tells Bustle why he made the big leap back to the small screen after so many years away.

“I had taken an intentional break away from acting, because I was going a little insane,” Sprouse says. “But then I graduated, I saw my education all the way through, and pilot season had come up.” That’s when Sprouse read the script for Riverdale, The CW’s re-imagination of the classic Archie comic series that currently airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Sprouse plays Jughead, who narrates the show and sets the rather dark tone of the murder mystery series. (He still eats burgers, though, don’t worry.)

“I read the pilot for Riverdale and really enjoyed it, so when I got the role I decided to fulfill my obligation and see where it would take me,” Sprouse says. “It seemed like the right project, because it was interesting and well-written. It was a new character that I haven’t tried before.”

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The mystery at the center of Riverdale still remains the murder of Jason Blossom. With the ongoings of the town getting increasingly complicated week by week, it’s easy to assume that anyone is suspicious in his killing.

With us narrowing down the most likely suspects each week, one character that hasn’t raised a major red flag has been Jughead Jones. The show’s narrator and comic relief may have more up his sleeve than viewers already know, but at this point in the season, it is likely that he wasn’t involved in Jason’s murder.

However, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on the show, seems to disagree.

“[Jughead is] the only one that speaks to the audience and break fourth wall.” Sprouse told “Which gives him the ability to inform the audience that he’s the killer without having to inform any of the cast living in Riverdale. Which ends up being a kind of dubious position to take.”

According to Sprouse, this suspicion he has held towards his character existed as soon as he signed on to the show, and was rooted in some of the series’ recent comics. “From the very beginning, I have thought Jughead was the killer. That was informed by a bunch of different things, and the narrative still rings true. Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa, executive producer of Riverdale] wrote Afterlife With Archie, in which Jughead was the antagonist. And in this dark version of the universe, as well, Jughead had a shifty, outsider perspective.”

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Our gallery has been updated with a new promotional still from RIVERDALE 01×05 “Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness”. Thanks to our friend Mouza, from, for sending it our way!

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Our gallery has been updated with promotional stills from RIVERDALE 01×04 “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”, which will air on February 16, 2017 on The CW. We have also added photos of Cole on the set of the show in Vancouver, Canada, and you can view them here. Thanks to Mouza, from, for sending the stills our way!

cole sprouse, riverdale, still, jugheadcole sprouse, riverdale, still, jugheadcole sprouse, riverdale, still, jugheadcole sprouse, riverdale, still, jughead