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Cole was this morning on KTLA5 Morning News where he spoke about SUITE LIFE and RIVERDALE. Once again, the video wasn’t avaliable to embed but you can watch the interview by clicking on the photo bellow!

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Teen Vogue has just released an interview with Cole where he speaks about photography and instagram. Along with the interview, the publication also released a video. It cannot be embed but you can watch it by clicking on the photo bellow!

When Cole Sprouse isn’t busy solving the murder of Jason Blossom on the CW’s new hit show Riverdale, you’ll often find him on the other side of the camera, bringing static stories to life.

The actor, who made his return to TV in the form of Jughead Jones at the beginning of the year, took a break from acting when he was in college to pursue other interests, one of which was photography. “Maybe it was escapism, but I had become obsessed with going to remote locations and keeping myself behind the camera,” he says, noting that he thinks “that came from a personal place where I was very dissatisfied with the way my society was treating me.” What better remedy, then, than to take matters into your own hands and show people not just how you want to be seen but what you’re seeing, too?

Since then, Cole’s lens has captured everyone from his Riverdale costars to his friends and family, and he often shares his work on Instagram, where more than 3.4 million fans can interact with his work in real time. (That’s not counting his other accounts, @sprousemasterworks and @camera_duels, where he posts fan art and photos of people taking photos of him, respectively.) And while there are photos of Cole’s own shoots peppered throughout, the colors of his original work are often bright and eye-catching, drawing you to those pictures first.

Teen Vogue caught up with Cole to talk about his photography and how he approaches his craft shortly after he shot actress Hermione Corfield in Los Angeles. He notes that what’s more important to him than a commentary on his work is “the image itself. If people want to take to the image and see that and hear that, then that’s wonderful. Or just see it, and embrace it, and listen to it, and try to embrace what it’s telling the audience, I’d prefer that.” But how did he get to that sense of self as an artist? And how is he using his photography to bring a more inclusive worldview to his followers? The answer, it turns out, is on Instagram.

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Cole visited Young Hollywood yesterday, where he spoke about RIVERDALE. We’ve added a couple of photos released by the studios twitter to our gallery, and hopefully the interview will be out pretty soon!


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Our gallery has been updated with screen captures from “Chapter Five: Hart of Darkness” (RIVERDALE Season 1, Episode 5), which aired on February 23, 2017.

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